Body Solid Hexagon Base SR-HEXPRO


Body Solid Hexagon Base SR-HEXPRO

1 894 EUR

Basic construction of the BODY SOLID HEXAGON SR-HEX PRO cage cage

Steel structure with 76 x 76 x 11 mm profile
Resistant powder coating
Expandable with more than 20 adapters of your choice
Necessary floor attachment !!!

The Crossfit cage from BODY SOLID is a new complete line suitable for every gym. Functional weight training has more and more supporters around the world and Bodies SOLID in this segment can not be missed. Engineers in the US have developed a HEXAGON combinable construction that can be connected to any shape and size. Each part can be supplemented by more than 20 add-ons.
The SR-HEXPRO construction is 251.5 cm high and is suitable for commercial use. The base has a size of 252 x 335 cm.
The hexagonal cage is therefore a modern and versatile equipment that can not be missed in any gym.
Technical parameters
Height 251.5 cm
Width 188 cm
Length 300 cm
Weight 192.5 kg