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Boxing Dummy Figure KICKFIGHT Flex

458 €

The freestanding boxing manikin PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER is your new sparringpartner who forgives any full contact and never gets tired.

On this dummy it is possible to train punches and kicks without the risk of injury to the sparringpartner.
The hull consists of a special latex compound that has excellent durability and a very realistic feel when in contact.
The height is adjustable in 3 steps, the maximum height is approx. 178 cm, minimum height approx. 153 cm.
The base is provided with four handles to move the dummy even in a filled state.


PX SPARRING MASTER Rapid Response Smart Trainer

458 €

Boxing stick with swing arm.
Adjustable from 140 to 190 cm high.

The PX SPARRING MASTER is ideal for training an opponent's strike response. The PX SPARRING MASTER can be optimally trained in deflections, blocks and covers. The target on the swing arm requires accurate and precise punches and defenses. The arm moves rapidly around the centerline after the strokes and must be defended. Ideal for every gym or personal training room.


Focus Kick Plus 4 - Target max.195 cm

135 €

Effective stationary training device for combination training.
Suitable for kick and kick training. It is mainly used for training speed and accuracy.
Sports: Taekwondo, Karate, Kickbox, MMA


Plastic Wing Chun Dummy

393 €

Wing Chun made of plastic.
The man has 6 legs and 2 legs.
Very robust and durable.
Ideal for both basic and advanced level training.
The dummy is very mobile and can be installed very quickly


Free standing punching ball

96 €

Free-standing boxing pear with durable foam with filling base.
Adjustable height 140-170 cm
Your perfect training partner for speed training and correct responses.
Because the spring is located relatively low, the device is very stable.