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Learn how to use the EQUIPGYM business website.

How do I select and configure the product on EQUIPGYM?

EQUIPGYM is a range of products to be configured. These products can be found in several variants that differ in type, size, or color. It is therefore necessary to choose exactly the configuration you want to request. Everything is very easy. Click on the product details and choose from the options available. Click the ADD TO DEMAND button to load the selected configuration into the DEMAND. If the product is not added to the DEMAND, then you probably did not make a selection of color or size in the configuration. In this case, do the configuration again and carefully check everything. Then click the ADD TO DEMAND button again. Now the product should be successfully added to your DEMAND. The list of your selected products is located at the top right. View it by clicking the DEMO icon.

We believe you will be happy with EQUIPGYM.

How to create a demand for EQUIPGYM?

Everybody can do it. You are moving on the EQUIPGYM site just like you do in a regular eshop environment. However, instead of the CAMERA you add the selected products to DEMAND. If you want to add the product, just select the product and / or its variant and click on ADD TO DEMAND. After adding all the products you want to ask, click the DOWN DOWN icon at the top right. To finish, just check the status of your DEMAND and click the CONTINUE button. In the next step you will only fill in your personal / corporate data. Together with the first DEMAND, you can create a new USER ACCOUNT on EQUIPGYM. Send your request using the SEND DEMAND button. And it is done. Now you can expect us to send you a processed business offer. If necessary, we may also contact you by phone.

We wish you a successful business with EQUIPGYM.

How to create a user account on EQUIPGYM?

Creating a USER ACCOUNT on EQUIPGYM runs along with your DEMAND. Therefore, if you are interested in USER ACCOUNT on EQUIPGYM, you MUST, together with the first DEMAND, check the box CREATE USER'S ACCOUNT and fill in the PASSWORD and PASSWORD CONFIRMATION box. Together with sending your first DEMAND, your USER ACCOUNT will be created. You will be notified of the successful registration on the EQUIPGYM web site by e-mail containing your login information. For further business contact, please log in under the USER ACCOUNT.

Thank you for your interest and your registration on EQUIPGYM.