Body Solid Multipress GS348Q

1 735 EUR

Our new Series 7 Smith Gym will allow you to develop muscle mass over your imagination that will amaze you. This GS348 Body-Solid Multipress is designed to allow natural movement up and down when practicing with two guide bars.


Additional Body Solid GLA348 for Multipress GS348Q

884 EUR

Additional Body Solid GLA348 for GS348Q Multipres.

Top and bottom pulleys for your Multipres. The package also includes 95 kg load-bearing bricks.
Ideal for home or commercial use
95 kg weights
Upper straight adapter
Bottom straight adapter


Additive Decor Body Solid GPA3 for GS348Q Multipres

242 EUR

Additional Peck Deck or Body Solid Body Butterfly GPA3 for Multipress Body Solid GS348Q.

Quality DuraFirm cushioning
Ideal for home or commercial use
Accessories only if your MULTIPRESS already has an additional pulley with weight !!!


Body Solid Multipress GBF 481

521 EUR

Multipress from SOLID BODY GBF481

Gun rack system with 14 storage pins for secure attachment
Spacings of 10 cm
2 locking arms for maximum safety
Suitable for intensive home use


Body Solid Multipress GBF482OL

1 331 EUR

Multipress BODY SOLID GBF482 with guide rods.

Safe handling
Training like the original Olympic rod
Ball bearings in slides for smooth movement
28 locking positions for height attachment
The possibility of completing the adjustable bench
Separate weights without weights weigh 11 kg
Suitable for club use


Body Solid Multipress DELUXE GS348FB

3 388 EUR

GS348FB Body-Solid Multipress DELUXE is a professional bodybuilding equipment that will replace many popular fitness machines. With this device, you have an entire gym in one single machine.

 7 of the DELUXE equipment
95 kg (210 lb) weights to attract the trapeze (upper pulley), Decoder to strengthen breast muscles and to stretch the lower pulley
PedDec - is the perfect helper for strengthening your breast muscles, the handles are made of thick foam, the backrest will give your exercise maximum comfort
The sloping bench is a universal helper. It is used as a bench bench, seat for stretchers, bench for biceps exercises. Tilt angles of up to 90 ° can also be changed. It can hold up to 450 kg (1000 lb)
Pre-punching pulley - used to strengthen knee ligaments and thighs. The Bench can be folded down to a horizontal position and can also be used for stinging exercise to strengthen the calf.
Biceps Pad - Used to maximize your strength and strengthen biceps, triceps. The pad can be adjusted to the appropriate angle so that your exercise is as effective as possible.
20 safety points for safe movement and safe bench press exercise
Price is without discs (suitable for Olympic discs)


Body Solid Multipress stand GPR370

581 EUR

Body Solid Multipress stand GPR370

The Body-Solid Multipress dumbbell stand is an indispensable tool for your safe and effective squat training with weight, calf buckling, dead stroke and many other exercises. You can also buy a sloping bench and use a stand like Bench Press. Fourteen swap positions allow you to move the barbell up and down without having to remove the weights. The Multipress GPR370 construction is made of solid steel profiles that are welded from 4 sides and the total load of the stand is up to 450kg