About us


Who we are

I'm experienced professionals who understand your needs. EQUIPGYM TEAM perfectly equips every gym! You can convince our REFERENCE.

We only work with major world brands that have been on the market for decades. They have tremendous experience and guaranteed product quality.

What we know

We offer custom manufacturing, tailor-made installation and sale of equipment with the choice and configuration of individual components. Choose the ideal solution for you!

Custom production

Do you have an atypical space where you need unusual equipment? We will make it to you or we will provide you with it!

Service including installation and transport

Do you equip a BOXER RING, MMA CLIP, CROSSTRAINING STRUCTURE or OTHER EQUIPMENT for which technical support is required? We will bring you the goods and install them!

Turnkey projects

Do you need to design and equip the whole gym? We specialize in complex solutions. Do not make mistakes and leave it to us!


Own team of experts


We will design your gym


We will produce at your request


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