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Wall mounted Blow- / Kicktrainer "EXPERT"

474 €

EXPERT Wall Impact Trainer with 5 adjustable impact surfaces and robust steel support frame.
Ideal training partner for various combinations of kicks and kicks.
EXPERT consists of a very robust steel for wall mounting. For training there are 2 laps, 2 kick targets and 1 big strike block.
Target layout is not fixed and can be set arbitrarily.


Wall punching bag Hammerhead, ca. 62x30x20-35cm

208 €

High quality leatherette cushion impact with solid steel tubular construction for mounting on the wall (without mounting material).

Size approx 62x30x20/35 cm

For effective training of uppercuts lateral impacts, etc., supported by figures on the hit points. Ideal for any boxing training!



Pyramid Pad, wall mounted, 50x50x20 cm

235 €

Very sturdy padding made of genuine cow leather.

For mounting on the wall (fastening material is included)

Size approx. 50 x 50 x 20 cm (front approx. 20 x 20 cm)

For effective training of uppercuts, side impacts, etc. Ideal for any box training!


Wall mounted double mitt, red

36 €

For training kicks and punches without a training partner.
Easy mounting to the required height.
A particularly durable vinyl surface.
The impact is absorbed by the spring.


Judo climbing cloth, 30x400 cm, white, w. "collar"

92 €

Special training apparatus.
Climbing cloth with Judo and BJJ collar.
Durable fabric made from 100% cotton so that the grip matches Judo Gi or BJJ Gi.
With four stable and mesh fasteners to the ceiling.
Suitable for your club, gym or home.