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Body Solid GBH5 rod stand

121 EUR

Stand for 5 pieces of Olympic Rod BODY SOLID GOBH 5

On 5 Olympic rods
Electrostatically applied color for maximum durability
Suitable for home or commercial use


Vertical barbell stand BODY SOLID GDR44

140 EUR

Vertical stand BODY SOLID on dumbbells

6 pairs of racks
Rugged and sturdy stand for stowing dumbbells
Size: 68 x 43 x 118 cm
Weight 14 kg


Stand for dumbbells BODY SOLID GDR363 - three-row

185 EUR

Two-row Stand BODY SOLID GDR363

Suitable for example for HEX dumbbells (rectangular)
95 cm of storage area
Durable construction
To have the dumbbells in one place, this stand is a convenient and safe solution. Suitable for single-handled dumbbells from 2.2 kg to 23 kg. Especially suitable for BODY SOLID rectangular HEX dumbbells.
Size: 51 x 101.6 x 76 cm
Weight: 20 kg


Stand for dumbbells BODY SOLID GDR60 - two-sided

291 EUR

Two-row Stand BODY SOLID GDR60

It is used for easy storage of dumbbells
(HEX) from 2.2 to 23 kg
The optional accessory is the 3 rd, the possibility of storing dumbbells up to 32 kg
Strong construction with profile 5 x 7.5 cm
Surface for the positioning of rails in a row up to 140 cm
Suitable for home or commercial use


The third row on the SOLID GDRT6 BODY stand

109 EUR

Third row to BODY SOLID GDR60 stand

the third row is as an accessory to the DGR60 rack
serves to increase the storage space
after replenishment to the original stand, the possibility of loading dumbbells up to 32 kg


Body Solid Solid SWT14 Wheel Stand

73 EUR

BODY SOLID SWT Wheel Stand 14

6 dowel pins
maximum load capacity up to 453 kg
If you want to have your gym in your gym, you should definitely choose one of the BODY SOLID wheels. You get more space with maximum efficiency.
Technical parameters
Weight 8 kg
Length 68 cm
Width 41 cm
Height 61 cm
Overall size 68 x 41 x 61 cm
Product lifting capacity 453 kg


Olympic 2v1 Body Solid GSWT rod and wheel stand

109 EUR

2v1 Solid Solid GSWT rod and wheel stand

GSWT Rod and weights stand - 25 mm diameter. Ideal for home and commercial use. Our weight stands, dumbbells and rods can be placed at the wall and in the middle of the room

The GSWT rack includes two rod holders and three pairs of disc holders.
The rack includes 2 rod holders
3 pairs of disc holders (25 mm)
dimensions: 58 x 50 x102 cm
highly resistant scratch material
category S - we recommend for all types of fitness rooms
Technical parameters
Overall size 58 x 50 x102 cm
Weight 11 kg


Wheel Stand BODY SOLID WT46

166 EUR

Steel BODY SOLID WT46 Wheel Stand for Wheels and Olympic Discs.

6 clamps for discs with a hole diameter of 50 mm
handles with plastic stops for easier handling
Rubber mats from the underside against scratching the floor
resistant powder paint, does not leave fingerprints, dirt, scratches
2 mounts for the Olympic axis
carrying capacity 454 kg
Dimensions L x W x H: 51 x 59 x 101 cm
Technical parameters
Weight 15 kg
Length 51 cm
Width 59 cm
Height 101 cm
Overall size 51 x 59 x 101 cm


Stand for BUMPER BODY SOLID GBPR10 discs

255 EUR

Stand for BUMPER BODY SOLID GBPR10 discs

The exclusive stand for the BODY SOLID GBPR100 BUMPER BUMPER is the ideal solution for your bumper blades. This rack will perfectly solve your organization in the gym.

The rack has 8 storage compartments for bumper blades and is suitable for any commercial gym, school, university, army or powerlifting gym.
dimensions: 104 x 33 x 22.8 cm
gap between holders 10 cm
painted with powder-coated paint
fully welded steel construction
Technical parameters
Length 104 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 23 cm
Total size 104 x 33 x 23 cm